When you need a computer fixed, a server set-up, or home entertainment needs - I do Rockstar work!

If you need IT side work - I'm your guy!

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Hello, my name is Chris Scott and I'm an IT Guru. I have years of experience in real world IT environments with the right tools. I enjoy fixing home laptops and desktops as well as building custom machines.

At Your Service for $75 a computer repair.

Please note - all additional part prices apply.

Computer Repair

It's free for me to look at and diagnose the problem. If your computer is running slow, infected beyond use, need help setting up applications for a workflow, if you want me to build you a computer, this is all possible.

Media Center Setup

There are many options to watch TV and movies in your home. Being able to watch content remotely is bigger than ever. Whether you need a simple setup to watch Netflix or a custom HTPC PC to store all your favorites - I can help.

Small Business Server Installation

If you're in need of a server setup in your business - I specialize in Microsoft products and have experience with Linux. Setting up a disaster recovery plan, file servers, app servers, domain controllers, sql servers, I can help. Please contact me via email at the bottom with your needs to discuss pricing.

Home Networking

A strong network is the heartbeat of most homes now days. If your home is in need of re-networking, pulling cable, making hard to reach wifi spots have optimal strength and performance. We can map out your house and find ways to fix your networking problems.